Huis Ten Bosch: A must visit theme park in Kyushu

Huis Ten Bosch is located in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. Amazingly, that moment you step out of JR Station, you can really feel that you’ve been transported already to a different country.
The place is a replica of a village in
Netherlands, its entirety, from buildings to themes. And while experiencing the activities, you’re being enriched by both Japanese and Dutch’s culture and history. A must-see and try when you go to the Southern part of Japan.

There are so many things to do and there are so many choices to select from to fully enjoy your stay in Huis Ten Bosch. Get a passport to enjoy the theme park depending on your schedule. A day passport allows you for a 1 day unlimited pass and a free pass to a number of attractions for ¥6400 (cash and credit cards are acceptable as means of payment method), please check their website for your reference as the prices might have changed

Well, at first, the only reason I went to Huis Ten Bosch was to see the life-size ship of One Piece. However, the operation has been stopped and was replaced by the One Piece attraction. To those who are a fan of One Piece anime and manga, you’ll be able to recognize the interior of the building — it’s Sunny Go’s interior! No more spoilers, see and experience for yourself (I enjoyed the attraction so I came back for a third time)!

There are so many attractions to enjoy but I only selected a few since I’m traveling alone, I didn’t dare to enter on any horror/suspense/mystery attractions. However, despite the attractions, you can also enjoy the Canal Cruise, the Domtoren and the Flower Road. I suggest to try those 3 during the daytime and the nighttime. During the day, you can see the buildings, the flowers and the river on their natural beauty and at night you can see the place overflowing with lights, and there is also a scheduled theme for the illumination of lights.
There are a number of Hotels inside Huis Ten Bosch but kinda expensive. I recommend staying at Hotel Nikko Huis Ten Bosch, it is a 4-star hotel and just a minute walk away from one of the theme park’s exit. By staying there, you can enjoy the theme park until its closing time.
**Please also note that the attractions might have changed, so better visit their official website so you can plan accordingly.
~Ja ne! (^_^)v